EIPA publishes books, the series “Current European Issues” and “Conference Proceedings”, as well as electronic publications. All manuscripts are either the direct result of research conducted at EIPA or the proceedings of a conference held at EIPA.
Following a cooperation agreement between EIPA and the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (OPOCE), EIPA books can be found on the EU Bookshop website.
Publications can be purchased online through our website and when visiting EIPA’s headquarters in Maastricht one can also visit the EIPA bookshop.

The Regulation of Executive Pay in the Public and Semi-Public Sector across the European Union Paola Bruni Published: 2017 Format:
Can the Investment Court System (ICS) save TTIP and CETA? Wolfgang Koeth Published: 2016 Format:
Understanding EU Decision-Making Edward Best Published: 2016 Format:
EPSA 2015: The Public Sector as Partner for a Better Society Julia Bosse, Michael Burnett, Susanne Møller Nielsen, Claude Rongione, Harrie Scholtens Published: 2015 Format:
Competitive Dialogue and Negotiated Procedures: A Practical Guide – 2nd edition Michael Burnett with Martin Oder Published: 2015 Format:
EU Law-making in Principle and Practice Edward Best Published: 2014 Format:
Auf der Suche nach Exzellenz in der kommunalen öffentlichen Verwaltung – Sieben Wege zum Erfolg Julia Bosse, Alexander Heichlinger, Emanuele Padovani, Jan Ole Vanebo Published: 2014 Format:
The New Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II): Less Accession, More Assistance? Wolfgang Koeth Published: 2014 Format:
En busca de la excelencia en la gestión pública local - Siete caminos al éxito Julia Bosse, Alexander Heichlinger, Emanuele Padovani, Jan Ole Vanebo Published: 2014 Format:
Weathering the Storm: Creative EPSA Solutions in a Time of Crisis Julia Bosse, Michael Burnett, Alexander Heichlinger, Claude Rongione, Harrie Scholtens Published: 2013 Format:
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