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EU Law-making in Principle and Practice Edward Best Published: 2014
Public Management in the Twenty-first Century - Trends, Ideas and Practices Tor Busch, Alexander Heichlinger, Erik Johnsen, Kurt Klaudi Klausen, Alex Murdock, Jan Ole Vanebo (eds.) Published: 2013
Microfoundations of Policy Implementation Phedon Nicolaides Published: 2013
Competitive Dialogue - A practical guide Michael Burnett Published: 2009
Training and Human Resource Development in the European Union Member States: New Practices and Innovative Trends Danielle Bossaert Published: 2009
21st Century Comitology: Implementing Committees in the Enlarged European Union Thomas Christiansen, Johanna Miriam Oettel and Beatrice Vaccari (eds) Published: 2009
Quality Development in the Field of Justice Patrick Staes and Nick Thijs Published: 2008
Regulating Conflicts of Interest for Holders of Public Office in the European Union Christoph Demmke, Mark Bovens, Thomas Henökl and Timo Moilanen Published: 2008
State Aid Policy in the European Community: Principles and Practice – Second Edition Phedon Nicolaides, Mihalis Kekelekis and Maria Kleis Published: 2008
Measuring Individual and Organisational Performance in the Public Services of EU Member States Christoph Demmke, Gerhard Hammerschmid and Renate Meyer Published: 2008
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