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The Case for eHealth Denise Silber Published: 2003
Guide de l’information sur l’Union européenne – 4e édition Veerle Deckmyn Published: 2003
Guide to European Union Information – 4th Edition Veerle Deckmyn Published: 2003
Civil Services in the Accession States: New Trends and the Impact of the Integration Process Danielle Bossaert and Christoph Demmke Published: 2003
Der öffentliche Dienst in den Beitrittsstaaten: Neue Trends und die Auswirkungen des Integrationsprozesses Danielle Bossaert und Christoph Demmke Published: 2002
Regionale Verwaltungen auf dem Weg nach Europa Christian Engel und Alexander Heichlinger Published: 2002
Organised Crime: A Catalyst in the Europeanisation of National Police and Prosecution Agencies? Monica den Boer (ed.) Published: 2002
The Dublin Convention on Asylum: Between Reality and Aspirations Cláudia Faria (ed.) Published: 2001
Pouvoir politique et haute administration: Une comparaison européenne Jean-Michel Eymeri Published: 2001
The EU and Crisis Management: Development and Prospects Simon Duke Published: 2001
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