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Enlarging the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Cláudia Faria (ed.) Published: 2004
From Luxembourg to Lisbon and Beyond: Making the Employment Strategy Work Edward Best and Danielle Bossaert (eds) Published: 2002
Managing Migration Flows and Preventing Illegal Immigration: Schengen - Justice and Home Affairs Colloquium Cláudia Faria (ed.) Published: 2002
Increasing Transparency in the European Union? Veerle Deckmyn Published: 2002
The Common Agricultural Policy and the Environmental Challenge: Instruments, Problems and Opportunities from Different Perspectives Pavlos D. Pezaros and Martin Unfried (eds.) Published: 2002
Asylum, Immigration and Schengen Post-Amsterdam: A First Assessment Clotilde Marinho (ed.) Published: 2001
L'Euroformation des administrations régionales et locales d'Europe / Eurotraining for Regional and Local Authorities in Europe Eduardo Sánchez Monjo (ed) Published: 1998
Managing Universal Service Obligations in Public Utilities in the European Union (Compilation of papers) Published: 1997
La formation des magistrats en droit communautaire / Training of Judges in Community Law Compilation non-révisée des textes/Non-edited compilation of papers Published: 1994
Training of Judges in Community Law / La formation des magistrats en droit communautaire Non-edited compilation of papers/Compilation non-révisée des textes Published: 1994
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