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Beyond the Chapter: Enlargement Challenges for CFSP and ESDP Simon Duke Published: 2003
Quality Management Tools in CEE Candidate Countries: Current Practice, Needs and Expectations Christian Engel Published: 2003
Improving Policy Implementation in an Enlarged European Union: The Case of National Regulatory Authorities Phedon Nicolaides with Arjan Geveke and Anne-Mieke den Teuling Published: 2003
From Graphite to Diamond: The Importance of Institutional Structure in Establishing Capacity for Effective and Credible Application of EU Rules Phedon Nicolaides Published: 2002
European Environmental Policy: The Administrative Challenge for the Member States Christoph Demmke and Martin Unfried Published: 2001
Managing EU Structural Funds: Effective Capacity for Implementation as a Prerequisite Frank Bollen Published: 2001
Effective Implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy: The case of the milk quota regime and the Greek experience in applying it Pavlos D. Pezaros Published: 2001
Organisational Analysis of a Europeanisation Process: A Dutch Experience Adriaan Schout Published: 2001
Administrations in Transition – Modernisation of Public Administration in Four Countries: Portugal, the Netherlands, Ireland and France Isabel Corte-Real, Koen Nomden, Michael Kelly and Franck Petiteville Published: 2000
Enlargement of the European Union and Effective Implementation of its Rules Phedon Nicolaides Published: 2000
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