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Civil Services in the Accession States: New Trends and the Impact of the Integration Process

Danielle Bossaert and Christoph Demmke
ISBN 13 978-90-6779-173-1 EIPA Code #: 2003/01 Year: 2003 Pages: 107

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This publication by Danielle Bossaert and Christoph Demmke compares the structure and organisation of civil services in the accession states. The objective of this project is to highlight common and divergent trends in the development of their civil services, with a particular emphasis on civil service law.
Following a brief assessment of the reform process in the accession states, the authors examine whether (and how) these countries are guided by one or more civil service models from the EU Member States as well as the extent to which it is possible to classify the models as career or position systems. The main part of the research analyses the structure and organisation of the civil services in the accession states. The purpose of this is to compare the specific and material aspects of national civil service law and administrative structures in these countries (e.g. the definition of public service and employment relationships, recruitment criteria, control and competency issues in personnel management, working time, staff appraisal, pay, mobility, training, etc.).
Next, the authors conduct an analysis of the effects of the European integration process on the administrations of the accession states, examining whether their civil services meet the requirements of Community law pursuant to Article 39 (4) of the EC Treaty (free movement of workers and the clause excluding the public service) and Articles 136-141 of the EC Treaty (the "equality chapter"). The study concludes with an examination of the future challenges facing the civil services of these countries.