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The EU and Crisis Management: Development and Prospects

Simon Duke
ISBN 13 978-90-6779-163-2 EIPA Code #: 2001/08 Year: 2001 Pages: 230

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The EU and Crisis Management: Development and Prospects attempts to accomplish three basic tasks. The first is to give the interested reader an insight into the evolution of EU crisis management mechanisms, both civilian and military. Second, the development of the crisis management and conflict prevention aspects of the EU's external relations have been astonishingly rapid. For this reason there is a need for a tour d'horizon which attempts to explain what progress has been made up to the present, especially the institutional adaptations that have been necessary to accommodate the EU's growing responsibilities. Finally, EU crisis management is very much an ongoing project, most notably the Common European Security and Defence Policy (CESDP). The last section assesses how much progress has been made and, more importantly, what remains to be done. The book is designed to be accessible to practitioners and academic audiences alike. The book relies heavily upon official documentation, especially from the EU Presidencies, and is designed to offer the reader a clear and accessible overview of an often complex and rapidly changing area of EU activity. Finally, this book is written in the belief that over the next few years one of the fastest developing areas of EU activity will be external relations generally and crisis management in particular. It is hoped that this book will serve as an essential primer for anyone interested in the EU's revolution in external relations.