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European Environmental Policy: The Administrative Challenge for the Member States

Christoph Demmke and Martin Unfried
ISBN 13 978-90-6779-157-1 EIPA Code #: 2001/P/04 Year: 2001 Pages: 309

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The need to build capacities is a requirement for both the Member States and the Candidate Countries. In particular, national administrations have to constantly adapt their national management systems to new requirements. The implementation of Community law requires more than simply transposing legal requirements and allocating financial resources. Instead, European legislation requires building capacities at the national level, from the initiation of European policies to the permitting, inspection, monitoring and evaluation process at local level.
This book studies in detail the demands put on national administrations to comply with European Environmental legislation.
The first part describes the current organisational set-up of national environment ministries in the Member States and how they coordinate European Affairs. This refers to the needs of the daily policy-making process in Brussels and at home.
The second part "Towards effective environmental regulation: Innovative approaches in Implementing and Enforcing European Environmental Law and Policy" deals with the impact of European environmental legislation on national administrations. What are the basic requirements according to the different aspects of implementation? What are the most efficient approaches for implementing and enforcing European environmental policies? What should be the right mix between compliance incentives, compliance assistance and deterrent strategies? What is the role of the public in enforcement? How can compliance be measured? How are enforcement indicators established for?
The publication identifies weaknesses in national coordination and organisational structures and makes proposals for improving implementation and enforcement of European environmental policy.