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The Dublin Convention on Asylum: Its Essence, Implementation and Prospects

Clotilde Marinho (ed.)
ISBN 13 978-90-6779-143-4 EIPA Code #: 2000/03 Year: 2000 Pages: 413

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This publication emerged out of a training project on the Dublin Convention carried out by European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in 1999, which was partially financed by the European Commission in the framework of the Odysseus Programme. Its aim is to ensure the maximum dissemination of the information and knowledge provided during the project on the principal EU instrument in the field of asylum.
The book brings together contributions in English and French from practitioners, academics and lawyers on the contents of the Dublin Convention, its implementation in the EU Member States and its future prospects in the light of the entry into force of the Amsterdam Treaty.
The introductory chapter contains a brief introduction to the Convention and examines the main problems of its interpretation and application. Subsequently, three specific problems regarding its application are discussed in detail by means of practical cases: the problem of means of proof and undocumented asylum seekers, and the application of the opt-out and humanitarian clauses, both of which are relevant from the point of view of protecting refugees. Procedures and structures set up in the Member States for the application of the Dublin Convention are also described. Furthermore, the case law in the various Member States involving "Dublin decisions" is analysed. The concluding chapter addresses the question of the impact of the Dublin Convention and looks towards the future.
This publication is an invaluable working tool for those involved in the application of the Convention, as well as trainers and all others interested in the topic as it, moreover, includes in its annexes the text of the Dublin Convention and the decisions on its implementation with useful cross references as well as a glossary.