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Managing Universal Service Obligations in Public Utilities in the European Union

(Compilation of papers)
ISBN 13 EIPA Code #: 1997/P/02 Year: 1997 Pages: 131

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Mixed texts in English and French
This volume contains the proceedings of the Colloquium entitled `Managing Universal Service Obligations in Public Utilities in the European Union' which took place at the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht from 28 to 29 November 1996.
All contributions made to the event by both academics and practitioners (either operators or regulators of telecommunications, transport or postal services) have been included. They address the legal, economic and managerial issues that have emerged over the last ten years in the field of public services: liberalisation and privatisation, quality of service, unbundling commercial activities and services of general interest ruled compulsory by public authorities.
'Can we develop free competition and at the same time guarantee the provision of essential services of general interest to everyone at an affordable price?' was the core question tackled in the Colloquium.
An extensive bibliography is appended to the compilation: it includes official pronouncements and documents and a wide-ranging and up-to-date review of academic literature in the field of public services and other services of general interest.