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Financial Management Innovations in Europe

Eduardo Zapico Goñi
ISBN 13 978-90-6779-058-1 EIPA Code #: 1991/03 Year: 1991 Pages: 269

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This publication is the result of a comparative study of financial management in all the Member States of the EC (with the exception of Luxembourg).
The main objective of this report is to describe and analyze the main priorities of the modernization programmes taking place within financial management in these countries. Firstly, this study offers a static view of current financial management. Secondly, it provides a dynamic picture of how financial management systems changed within the public administrations of these countries during the 80s.
The information contained in this report was collected largely through interviews with officials involved in budgetary and financial management procedures.
Although a systematic comparison of the different initiatives and financial management systems was not possible, Chapter III offers a comparative overview of the initiatives undertaken.