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Current Trends and Developments in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Communities: Annual Review, Volume 1

Spyros A. Pappas (ed.)
ISBN 13 978-90-6779-079-6 EIPA Code #: 1994/02 Year: 1994 Pages: 242

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Also available in French
This collection of articles presents the current trends in the case-law of the Court of Justice in various fields of Community law.
The subjects discussed are the institutional bases of the European Community, the free movement of people, Community commercial policy, intellectual property, protection of the financial interests of the European Communities, equal treatment of men and women, the liability of the state for breaching its obligations under Community law, interim measures ordered pursuant to Community law, appeals before the Court of Justice, and proceedings relating to the European public service.
Each article analyzes a specific legal case. On the basis of each analysis the authors of these articles assess the effects of the case-law of the Court of Justice in the various fields discussed.
Short versions of the related judgments have been annexed for a better understanding of these articles.