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The Trade Policy of the European Community: Legal Basis, Instruments, Commercial Relations

Phedon Nicolaides (ed.)
ISBN 13 978-90-6779-074-1 EIPA Code #: 1993/05 Year: 1993 Pages: 80

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The essays in this collection are based on presentations made at a seminar on the European Community's trade policy, which was held in Maastricht in December 1992. The seminar was sponsored by the Commission of the EC and formed part of the Community's overall programme of technical assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States and Georgia.
Trade policy is a fast moving subject. For this reason we asked the contributors to this collection to concentrate on identifying broad principles and trends rather than attempt to provide detailed information on new policy initiatives which by their very nature date quickly. We thought we would provide a more valuable service to our intended audience, East European policy-makers, if we focused on general principles that shape overall policies.
Indeed, our intention in compiling this collection is to help East European policy-makers gain a better understanding of the trade instruments and the factors that influence the commercial relations of the Community which is rapidly becoming their major partner. Since they are in the process of economic reform, we also hope that this book will provide them with useful guidelines on the conduct of trade policies which are compatible with a market-oriented economy. This is an additional reason why we have asked the contributors to emphasize what policy-makers should aim to achieve in the field of trade.