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Managing European Environmental Policy: The Role of the Member States in the Policy Process

Christoph Demmke (ed.)
ISBN 13 978-90-6779-111-3 EIPA Code #: 1997/05 Year: 1997 Pages: 255

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An adapted version is also available in German
European integration is still associated with the loss of sovereignty of the Member States, the centralization of tasks and competences in 'Brussels', bureaucratization, long and complicated decision-making processes and over-regulation through thousands of (unnecessary) regulations and directives which the Member States have to implement and apply.
The role of national administrations within the decision-making process has received very little attention from the scientific sector. This book aims to explore the role and importance of Member State administrations in the decision-making process at three different stages of that process:

  • the preparatory phase in the European Commission;
  • the decision-making phase within the Council; and
  • the implementation phase at European and national level.

Furthermore, the impact of the process of European integration within the environmental sector will be analysed whilst focusing on the duties and obligations of the Member States in the enforcement process.