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European Environmental Policy – A Handbook for Civil Servants

Dr. Christoph Demmke and Birgit Schröder
ISBN 13 978-90-6779-127-4 EIPA Code #: 1999/02 Year: 1999 Pages: approx. 382

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The objective of this Handbook is to lift the "cloud of ignorance" which hangs over Brussels and to inform all interested officials on how the Community works in theory and practice. The content is a mixture of fact sheets and texts. The authors have tried to restrict the content as much as possible regarding formal and theoretical explications in order to a provide practical insight into the work of the European Community.
The Handbook starts with a general introduction into the European Institutions and European Environmental Policy. Furthermore, the Reader aims to explore the role and importance of Member States' officials in the decision-making process at three different stages of that process:

  • the legislative process of the EC;
  • the executive process of the EC;
  • the implementation process in the Member States.

Finally, the Reader provides all the necessary practical information about daily life in Brussels (important addresses, rules of procedures, city plans, tips for negotiations, Internet- addresses, etc.).