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Measuring Individual and Organisational Performance in the Public Services of EU Member States

Christoph Demmke, Gerhard Hammerschmid and Renate Meyer
ISBN 13 978-90-6779-208-0 EIPA Code #: 2008/2 Year: 2008 Pages: 121

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This study compares and analyses the different individual and organisational performance assessment systems used by the public administrations of the Member States of the European Union (and Norway).
This publication presents an analysis and comparison of the various performance assessment systems in place, their objectives, working procedures, challenges and effects. The focus, therefore, is less on concepts and more on the actual practices of managers doing performance assessments.
The overall goal is to explore the main management challenges and success factors of implementing individual appraisal systems in public services in Europe. Based on deepening insights and practical experiences, the study intends to:

  • make available up-to-date information on experiences across European public administrations;
  • identify the main leadership challenges in successfully conducting individual assessments and linking them to organisational performance;
  • present and discuss good practices in the field;
  • provide practical guidance, by identifying the factors that will assist organisations in the design, implementation and revaluation of their systems in order to make performance assessments run more smoothly and contribute to improved organisational performance.

Another purpose of this comparative study is to present more empirical evidence on the relationship between the assessment of individual and organisational performance. What are the criteria used? What is the relationship between organisational performance and individual performance? How can organisational and individual performance be measured? What are the main challenges in measuring organisational performance and individual performance? Are recent reforms in the field of individual performance assessment enhancing organisational performance?