Delegated & Implementing Acts - The New Comitology

Alan Hardacre and Michael Kaeding
ISBN 13 EIPA Code #: Year: 2011 Pages: Digital: 0 €

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EIPA Essential Guide

The guide starts with a short recap on why powers are delegated to the European Commission in the first place, and why it is increasingly important in European affairs – for all stakeholders interested in European policy-making. Then, we take a quick look at the ‘old’ comitology system to situate Articles 290 and 291 TFEU, and to understand the scale of the changes that have taken place. After that the guide directly addresses the two new legal bases and how they have been implemented. It starts with Article 290 on Delegated Acts, explaining what they are and how the new procedure will work in practise. After that it turns to Article 291, and the new Implementing Acts Regulation i.e. the new comitology procedures. To conclude, the guide outlines the major challenges and opportunities that stakeholders need to be aware of for the future. It is hoped that this practical guide will help anyone with an interest in Delegated and Implementing Acts to quickly appraise the changes and evaluate the impact this has for them – in an area which is considered by many as a new key battlefield in EU policy-making.

This guide is available also in French and German.