EPSA Trends in Practice: Driving Public Sector Excellence to Shape Europe for 2020

Alexander Heichlinger
ISBN 13 978-90-6779-216-5 EIPA Code #: 2011/1 Year: 2011 Pages: 118 Digital: 0 €

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This publication is again the result of the many applications received during this edition. Its main purpose is thus to shed light on the many public administrations efforts and to draw the future trends from these practices when analysing the innovative performances. The state of affairs and development of the three EPSA 2011 themes are mirrored against the respective applications received and the emerging, best or nominated practices are highlighted in order to subsequently arrive at common conclusions and recommendations. In addition, this book provides – for the first time – some insight into the grounds and motivation behind why public organisations participate(d) in initiatives such as the EPSA (EPSA Testimony), as well as outlining a possible model for measuring and defining the potential public added-value of such participation and the return on investment one may expect.