EEAS 2.0 - A legal commentary on Council Decision 2010/427/EU establishing the organisation and functioning of the European External Action Service

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The European External Action Service (EEAS) was established by a Council decision in July 2010. As part of this decision there will be a major review of the EEAS in mid 2013. This working paper aims offers a detailed legal commentary on the Council decision. Not only is it the first of its kind but it is intended to be user-friendly and to appeal to a broad audience. The commentary has been produced by an independent, multinational and multidisciplinary team of scholars. It should be noted that future work will concentrate on making more specific recommendations, where relevant.

Editors: Steven Blockmans & Christophe Hillion
Contributors : Steven Blockmans | Marise Cremona| Deirdre Curtin Geert De Baere | Simon Duke | Christina Eckes Christophe Hillion | Bart Van Vooren | Ramses Wessel | Jan Wouters