EU Law-making in Principle and Practice

Edward Best
ISBN 13 978-9-292-03014-8 EIPA Code #: 2014/02 Year: 2014 Pages: 188

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Series: Routledge/EIPA Managing the European Union Series

EU Law-making in Principle and Practice offers a coherent overview of how particular pieces of EU law are produced and shows how they are adopted, from start to finish, resulting in an account of the process which is of both practical and academic interest. The title presents a holistic view of EU law-making using an adapted ‘policy cycle’, giving a concise account of the principles and practicesinvolved in policy initiation, legislative decision-making, and delegated and implementing acts, as well as considering EU law-making in the perspective of good governance. The title includes many procedural details, as well as illustrative examples, which are not found in other books.

Part 1
Preface and acknowledgements. List of illustrations.

Part 2 
1. Introduction: EU Law-Making and the Policy Cycle
2. Policy Initiation: the European Commission
3. Legislative Decision-Making: the Parliament and the Council 
4. Delegated and Implementing Acts 
5  Case Study:the EU Timber Regulation 
6. Conclusions: EU Law-Makingand EU Governance 

Part 3 Annexes 
Annex 1. EU legallybinding acts (2010-2012) 
Annex 2. Special legislativeprocedures: indicative overview 
Annex 3. Non-legislativeprocedures for the adoption of legally binding acts directlybased on treaty articles

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