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Quel avenir pour l'Espace Administratif Européen? Carlo d´Orta Published: 2003
What Future for the European Administration Space? Carlo d´Orta Published: 2003
Assessing the Assessment Eva G. Heidbreder and Laura Carrasco Published: 2003
An Overview of the Treaty of Accession of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia to the European Union Madalina Ivanica Published: 2003
The Convention, the Draft Constitution and External Relations: Effects and Implications for the EU and its International Role Simon Duke Published: 2003
The Hyperpower and the Hype: Reassessing transatlantic relations in the Iraqi context Simon Duke Published: 2003
Minutes of the seminar “Financial Management of Structural Funds”, European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) Published: 2002
Fifth European Conference on the Enlargement of the EU: Last Lap or Last Chance? Phedon Nicolaides and Anne-Mieke Den Teuling Published: 2002
Incremental Synergies or Growing Fragementation between the Luxembourg process and EU Cohesion Policy? Dr. Ines Hartwig Published: 2002
Fourth European Conference on The Enlargement of the European Union: Prerequisites for Successful Conclusion of the Accession Negotiations P. Nicolaides and A. Den Teuling Published: 2001
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