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Administrations publiques et services d’intérêt général : quelle européanisation ? Sous la direction de Michel Mangenot Published: 2005
The Draft Constitutional Treaty: Between Problem-Solving Treaty and Rights-Based Constitution John Erik Fossum and Agustín José Menéndez Published: 2005
What Does Business Think of the EU Constitution? Arthur Forbes Published: 2005
Reformed Subsidiarity in the Constitution for Europe: Can it deliver on expectations? Dr Brendan Flynn Published: 2005
The Road Not Taken: Why the Dutch Referendum on the Constitutional Treaty 'Made All The Difference' for Europe Colette Mazzucelli Published: 2005
Continuity and Change in the European Integration Process Christoph Demmke and Christian Engel Published: 2003
Civil Services in the Accession States: New Trends and the Impact of the Integration Process Danielle Bossaert and Christoph Demmke Published: 2003
Der öffentliche Dienst in den Beitrittsstaaten: Neue Trends und die Auswirkungen des Integrationsprozesses Danielle Bossaert und Christoph Demmke Published: 2002
European Environmental Policy – A Handbook for Civil Servants Dr. Christoph Demmke and Birgit Schröder Published: 1999
Europäische Umweltpolitik und nationale Verwaltungen: Rolle und Aufgaben nationaler Verwaltungen im Entscheidungsprozeß Christoph Demmke Published: 1998
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