Publications : Related to topic "Economic Governance"

The Regulation of Executive Pay in the Public and Semi-Public Sector across the European Union Paola Bruni Published: 2017
Property Rights and Privatization in the Transition to a Market Economy: A Comparative Review Renzo Daviddi (ed.) Published: 1995
Economic and Monetary Union: Implications for National Policy-Makers Klaus Gretschmann (ed.) Published: 1993
Financial Management Innovations in Europe Eduardo Zapico Goñi Published: 1991
Subsidiarity: The Challenge of Change (Proceedings of the Jacques Delors Colloquium 1991) Jacques Delors Published: 1991
Terminologie de gestion et contrôle financiers / Terminology of Financial Management and Control Published: 1990
La gestion financière dans les administrations centrales de certains Etats membres et organisations internationalesdans la Communauté européenne Cees Schrama et Eduardo Zapico Goñi Published: 1989
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