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Training and Human Resource Development in the European Union Member States: New Practices and Innovative Trends Danielle Bossaert Published: 2009
Die europäischen öffentlichen Dienste zwischen Tradition und Reform Christoph Demmke Published: 2005
Are Civil Servants Different Because They Are Civil Servants? Christoph Demmke Published: 2005
European Social Dialogue and the Civil Services. Europeanisation by the back door? Michel Mangenot and Robert Polet Published: 2004
Dialogue social européen et fonction publique. Une européanisation sans les Etats? Published: 2004
European Civil Services between Tradition and Reform Christoph Demmke Published: 2004
Civil Services in the Accession States: New Trends and the Impact of the Integration Process Danielle Bossaert and Christoph Demmke Published: 2003
The Senior Civil Service: A comparison of personnel development for top managers in fourteen OECD member countries EIPA/Berenschot B.V. Published: 1998
Der öffentliche Dienst im Europa der Fünfzehn: Lage und Perspektiven Astrid Auer, Christoph Demmke und Robert Polet Published: 1997
Civil Services in the Europe of Fifteen: Current Situation and Prospects Astrid Auer, Christoph Demmke and Robert Polet Published: 1996
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