Publications : Related to topic "Enlargement"

The New Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II): Less Accession, More Assistance? Wolfgang Koeth Published: 2014
Beyond the Chapter: Enlargement Challenges for CFSP and ESDP Simon Duke Published: 2003
Finland's Journey to the European Union Antti Kuosmanen (with a contribution by Frank Bollen and Phedon Nicolaides) Published: 2001
Enlargement of the European Union and Effective Implementation of its Rules Phedon Nicolaides Published: 2000
A Guide to the Enlargement of the European Union (II): A Review of the Process, Negotiations, Policy Reforms and Enforcement Capacity (Revised and Extended Edition) Phedon Nicolaides/Sylvia Raja Boean/Frank Bollen/Pavlos Pezaros Published: 1999
A Guide to the Enlargement of the European Union: Determinants, Process, Timing, Negotiations (Revised Edition) Phedon Nicolaides and Sylvia Raja Boean Published: 1997
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