EIPA publishes books, the series “Current European Issues” and “Conference Proceedings”, as well as electronic publications. All manuscripts are either the direct result of research conducted at EIPA or the proceedings of a conference held at EIPA.
Following a cooperation agreement between EIPA and the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (OPOCE), EIPA books can be found on the EU Bookshop website.
Publications can be purchased online through our website and when visiting EIPA’s headquarters in Maastricht one can also visit the EIPA bookshop.

EPSA Trends in Practice: Driving Public Sector Excellence to Shape Europe for 2020 Alexander Heichlinger Published: 2011 Format:
It’s the Centre-Periphery, Stupid! Cooperation Patterns in the Council of Ministers after Enlargement Mart Laatsit and Dr Michael Kaeding Published: 2011 Format:
Better Implementation of EU Legislation is not just a question of taking Member States to Court Dr Michael Kaeding and Friederike Voskamp Published: 2011 Format:
Delegated & Implementing Acts - The New Comitology Alan Hardacre and Michael Kaeding Published: 2011 Format:
The European Asylum System and Minimum Standards: ‘Suggestions for practice and policy’ Dr Katerina - Marina Kyrieri, Aniel Pahladsingh Published: 2010 Format:
The Lisbon Treaty stipulations on Development Cooperation and the Council Decision of 25 March 2010 (Draft) establishing the organisation and functioning of the European External Action Service Dr Simon Duke, Dr Steven Blockmans Published: 2010 Format:
Competitive Dialogue - A practical guide Michael Burnett Published: 2009 Format:
European Public Sector Award 2009 - Project Catalogue Marga Pröhl & Alexander Heichlinger Published: 2009 Format:
Taking the Pulse of European Public Administrations - key Findings of the European Public Sector Award 2009 Marga Pröhl, Alexander Heichlinger, Peter Ehn, Melanie Pissarius, Michael Burnett, Anita Rode, Tony Bass, Herma Kuperus Published: 2009 Format:
Training and Human Resource Development in the European Union Member States: New Practices and Innovative Trends Danielle Bossaert Published: 2009 Format:
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