EIPA publishes books, the series “Current European Issues” and “Conference Proceedings”, as well as electronic publications. All manuscripts are either the direct result of research conducted at EIPA or the proceedings of a conference held at EIPA.
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Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) - A Decision Maker's Guide Michael Burnett Published: 2007 Format:
Dezentralisierung und Verantwortlichkeit als Schwerpunkte der Modernisierung der öffentlichen Verwaltung: Herausforderungen und Folgen für das Personal-Management Christoph Demmke, Gerhard Hammerschmid und Renate Meyer Published: 2007 Format:
Enforcement Actions under EU Law: The New Member States Lora Borissova Published: 2007 Format:
Reform of Public Procurement Remedies: A First Look at the Commission Proposal for an Amending Directive Lisa Koskinen Published: 2007 Format:
Decentralisation and Accountability As a Focus of Public Administration Modernisation: Challenges and Consequences for Human Resource Management Christoph Demmke, Gerhard Hammerschmid and Renate Meyer Published: 2006 Format:
Tripartite Arrangements: An Effective Tool for Multilevel Governance? Gracia Vara Arribas and Delphine Bourdin (eds) Published: 2006 Format:
Proceedings of Seminar for National Judges “Article 7 of Framework Directive 2002/21/EC on Electronic Communications”Brussels, 30 November 2005 Maria Kleis Published: 2006 Format:
CAF - pour un service public de qualité Editors: Elisabeth Dearing, Patrick Staes, Thomas Prorok Published: 2006 Format:
The Commission and the CFSP Dr Simon Duke Published: 2006 Format:
CAF works - better service for the citizens by using CAF Editors: Elisabeth Dearing, Patrick Staes, Thomas Prorok Published: 2006 Format:
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