EIPA publishes books, the series “Current European Issues” and “Conference Proceedings”, as well as electronic publications. All manuscripts are either the direct result of research conducted at EIPA or the proceedings of a conference held at EIPA.
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CAF - wirkt – mehr Service und Leistungsqualität für alle Editors: Elisabeth Dearing, Patrick Staes, Thomas Prorok Published: 2006 Format:
European Public Procurement Reform: Main Innovations in the Public Sector Directive – A Preliminary Assessment Rita Beuter Published: 2005 Format:
Die europäischen öffentlichen Dienste zwischen Tradition und Reform Christoph Demmke Published: 2005 Format:
Are Civil Servants Different Because They Are Civil Servants? Christoph Demmke Published: 2005 Format:
Administrations publiques et services d’intérêt général : quelle européanisation ? Sous la direction de Michel Mangenot Published: 2005 Format:
Öffentliche Verwaltungen und Dienstleistungen von allgemeinem Interesse: welche Europäisierung? Herausgegeben von Michel Mangenot Published: 2005 Format:
Public Administrations and Services of General Interest: What Kind of Europeanisation? Under the direction of Michel Mangenot Published: 2005 Format:
State Aid Policy in the European Community: A Guide for Practitioners Phedon Nicolaides, Mihalis Kekelekis and Philip Buyskes Published: 2005 Format:
Main Challenges in the Field of Ethics and Integrity in the EU Member States Danielle Bossaert and Christoph Demmke Published: 2005 Format:
Papers presented at the International Seminar on “e-Public Procurement: latest news in Europe” on 11 & 12 April 2005 at the Palace of Miramar, Donostia-San Sebastian (E). Various authors Published: 2005 Format:
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