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La protection sociale en Europe Sous la direction de Maite Barea et Giancarlo Cesana Published: 2003 Format:
Wegweiser EU-Information – 4. Auflage Veerle Deckmyn Published: 2003 Format:
Continuity and Change in the European Integration Process Christoph Demmke and Christian Engel Published: 2003 Format:
eGovernment in Europe: The State of Affairs Christine Leitner Published: 2003 Format:
The Case for eHealth Denise Silber Published: 2003 Format:
Guide de l’information sur l’Union européenne – 4e édition Veerle Deckmyn Published: 2003 Format:
Guide to European Union Information – 4th Edition Veerle Deckmyn Published: 2003 Format:
Civil Services in the Accession States: New Trends and the Impact of the Integration Process Danielle Bossaert and Christoph Demmke Published: 2003 Format:
Quel avenir pour l'Espace Administratif Européen? Carlo d´Orta Published: 2003 Format:
What Future for the European Administration Space? Carlo d´Orta Published: 2003 Format:
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