EIPA publishes books, the series “Current European Issues” and “Conference Proceedings”, as well as electronic publications. All manuscripts are either the direct result of research conducted at EIPA or the proceedings of a conference held at EIPA.
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EU Law-making in Principle and Practice Edward Best Published: 2014 Format:
Public Management in the Twenty-first Century - Trends, Ideas and Practices Tor Busch, Alexander Heichlinger, Erik Johnsen, Kurt Klaudi Klausen, Alex Murdock, Jan Ole Vanebo (eds.) Published: 2013 Format:
Microfoundations of Policy Implementation Phedon Nicolaides Published: 2013 Format:
Competitive Dialogue - A practical guide Michael Burnett Published: 2009 Format:
Training and Human Resource Development in the European Union Member States: New Practices and Innovative Trends Danielle Bossaert Published: 2009 Format:
21st Century Comitology: Implementing Committees in the Enlarged European Union Thomas Christiansen, Johanna Miriam Oettel and Beatrice Vaccari (eds) Published: 2009 Format:
Quality Development in the Field of Justice Patrick Staes and Nick Thijs Published: 2008 Format:
Regulating Conflicts of Interest for Holders of Public Office in the European Union Christoph Demmke, Mark Bovens, Thomas Henökl and Timo Moilanen Published: 2008 Format:
State Aid Policy in the European Community: Principles and Practice – Second Edition Phedon Nicolaides, Mihalis Kekelekis and Maria Kleis Published: 2008 Format:
Measuring Individual and Organisational Performance in the Public Services of EU Member States Christoph Demmke, Gerhard Hammerschmid and Renate Meyer Published: 2008 Format:
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